Allure: An Elegant Evening Of Fashion In San Francisco CA – Wrap Up

Oh my goodness I had fun at Allure: An Elegant Evening of Music and Fashion at Slide in San Francisco this past Thursday. I was joined by a great group of people and we totally lived it up, let me tell ya.

There’s something so nice about walking into an event, giving the bouncer my name, then being escorted to a private table where a personal cocktail waitress is waiting. Then the vodka came. Parr-tay!!

But enough about me. For now.

With one-of-a-kind pieces by Anya Zuyeva and wearable art by Semiha Durak, the first solo-produced fashion show by Shaun McClendon was a great success!

Allure: An Elegant Evening Of Music And Fashion – Meet The Designers

Anya’s designs are feminine and funky, and she obviously takes great care in planning out every detail of each piece. Complementing each ensemble, were Semiha Durak’s Guzel Jewelry designs, each one delicately bold in its own way.

Angels of Allure Anya Zuyeva

Designer Anya Zuyeva (third from left) with Allure Make Up and Hairstyling team. Photo by Bill Clearlake.

Angels of Allure Semiha Durak
Guzel Jewelry Designer Semiha Durak hangs out at the Allure Event. Photo by Herm Pugay.

I was fortunate enough to go backstage before the show to meet the designers and models; it was like nothing I had ever experienced. In one single narrow hallway were models sitting one in front of the other, with makeup artists and hair stylists turning them into works of art. Everything was so chaotic, yet quite calm and organized at the same time – like organized chaos with people instead of papers.

Angels of Allure Marina and Priscilla
Makeup Artist Marina Friedland with Model Priscilla Wagoner. Photo by Herm Pugay.

Angels of Allure Rachel Spengler Backstage
Angel of Allure Rachel Spengler backstage at the Allure Event. Photo by Chris Willis.

Check out the full Allure albums from these kick-ass local San Francisco photographers:

Bill Clearlake – Allure Fashion Show

Chris Willis – Allure : an elegant evening of Music and Fashion on Facebook (see if you can spot the ones of me!)

Christopher Husary – Allure @ Slide on Flickr

Herm Pugay – Allure: an elegant evening of Music and Fashion on Facebook

Angels of Allure Shaun McClendon
Hilary Shepherd (left) with show producer Shaun McClendon. Photo by Christopher Husary.

Allure: An Elegant Evening Of Music And Fashion – Meet The Allure Angels

Angels of Allure Amanda Bach
Amanda Bach (photo by Christopher Husary)

Angels of Allure Jacqueline Tang
Jacqueline Tang

Angels of Allure LauraLynn Balcerzak
LauraLynn Balcerzak

Angels of Allure LulaMay Robinson
LulaMay Robinson

Angels of Allure Malwina Pazik
Malwina Pazik

Angels of Allure Nancy Dougherty
Nancy Dougherty (photo by Christopher Husary)

Angels of Allure Priscilla Wagoner
Priscilla Wagoner

Angels of Allure Rachel Spengler
Rachel Spengler

Angels of Allure Sandrin Barney
Sandrin Barney

Angels of Allure Tessa Lange
Tessa Lange

Shaun McClendon and the Angels of Allure
Allure Fashion Show Producer with the Angels of Allure (left to right) Nancy Dougherty, Rachel Spengler, Tessa Lange, Sandrin Barney, Malwina Pazik, Priscilla Wagoner and Amanda Bach. Photo by Chris Willis.

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