Michael J. Fox Turned 50 Today. Yes, You’re Old Too.

Nothing like finding out a teen idol from your childhood is turning 50 to make you feel old. Get ready my fellow children-of-the-80s; you’re about to realize just how long ago your childhood really was. Sigh…..

Family Ties cutie Michael J. Fox celebrated his birthday today (June 9th). Alex P. Keaton has officially hit the half century mark.

Boy George, who rose to fame in the 80s, only to basically blow it all to hell by the 90s, has his birthday on June 14th.

Forest Whitaker was a 21-year-old baby when he appeared in the 1982 hit Fast Times at Ridgemont High; he’ll be 50 on July 15th.

Woody Harrelson who played cute and innocent Woody Boyd on Cheers from 1985 to 1993, will be a mature 50 on July 23rd.

Cindy Brady is turning 50! Brady Bunch actress Susan Olsen hits the milestone on August 14th.

Dynasty and T.J. Hooker star Heather Locklear is turning the big 5-0 on September 25th.

Other celebrities celebrating 50 years of life in 2011:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – January 13
Camryn Manheim – March 8
Eddie Murphy – April 3
George Lopez – April 23
George Clooney – May 6
Dennis Rodman – May 13
Melissa Etheridge – May 29
Bonnie Hunt – September 22
Meg Ryan – November 19
Mariel Hemingway – November 22


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