Back From The Blogging Black Hole And Spreading Bald Beauty

Ok. Let’s try this again. For reals. The stars have aligned and realigned over and over, so I think things will actually stick this time. My fingers are crossed, just in case, however.

That being said, let’s dive right in!

First off, a topic of great importance…ME!!

I am now officially 35-years-old, and don’t feel a day over 40. Ha! It’s sad how true that is, some days. Other days I think I’m 19 and I don’t understand how so many of my friends can have children so close to my age. No, seriously. I actually have those days. It’s probably one of the voices in my head taking over.


So I’m 35, I’ve been dating a super-great guy for seven months, I’m still in school and inching closer to graduation day, and my hair is growing back nicely.

What on earth happened to my long and lovely locks, you ask?

Well, since we last visited each other, I shaved my head, shaved it a few more times, and then decided to let my hair grow and see what happens.

My friend of mine, in her late twenties, with a husband and two children under the age of three, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Immediately upon hearing the news, I knew I would be shaving my head. I couldn’t help her financially, and I didn’t have the schedule to help with her kids, but I could give support through solidarity. So I did. And I donated my hair to Locks of Love – all four 13-inch ponytails of it.



I had a great time being bald! It was so freeing!! And getting ready to go out? It was a breeze! I didn’t have to worry about how to do my hair, and I learned to embrace hats and scarves. The public reaction was definitely more positive than it was negative, so that was a nice added self esteem boost. A boost that made me want to commemorate my bald hotness, so when I’m old and gray I can look back and remember how great I felt and how good I looked.

Basically, how much I f*ckin’ rocked!


As a part of my bald selfies and few sexy shots here and there, I also decided to have a bit of fun, and recreate a few famous moments in bald celebrity history. While the photos are by no means professional, they’re still fun to have. And they were received quite well by my public.

For more on the celebrity photo shoot, click on over to the Great Moments In Bald Celebrity History, Starring A Loyal Listener post that my pal, The Fame Fatale wrote up. She has a link to the photos – not to mention a great site that you’ll fall in love with!

Phew! Ok, enough about me. For today, anyway.