What ARE They Wearing? Maternity Edition.

I think pregnant women are beautiful; but not when they wear outfits like these.

On the left we have Tori Spelling wearing some sort of potato sack rodeo clown pants. On the right is Brooke Burke, who gave birth to a girl the other day. Something tells me that the shirt she is wearing was not from the maternity department.

tori spelling brooke burke pregnant fashion disasters

Attention!! Being pregnant does not give you the go ahead to look trashy and/or just plain stupid.

There are plenty of places to find cute maternity clothes.

Like ‘A Pea in the Pod’ – not only do they have an awesome name, they’ve got great clothes. Gone are the days of looking like a tent when you’re nine months pregnant.

Old Navy has a Maternity section now too.

Earth to Tori Spelling and Brooke Burke! You don’t have to wear huge clown pants or a teeny tiny shirt – there ARE other options!

Who the heck is Brooke Burke anyway??

She studied business advertising at Santa Monica College and broadcast journalism at UCLA.

Brooke made her stage debut performing as a celebrity guest reading a monologue for the Los Angeles premiere of the off-Broadway hit play Pieces (of Ass). The play is sponsored by Stuff magazine, and is about the ups and downs of being a hot chick.

She had a small role as a hot woman that gets hit on by Vince Vaughn in the supermarket, in Dodgeball: The Movie.

More about Brooke Burke at TV.com