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Fleshlight Girls – Buy A Fleshlight Today!

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Great news!! Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack have gone international!

Based in Seville Spain, Fleshlight International (FLi) the makers of the Fleshlight, Fleshjack and Fleshlight Girls brands have set up shop – operated by Europeans, for Europeans.

Fleshlight Girls

So much so, in fact, the FLI website can only be seen by visitors with a European IP address – it’s not even visible outside of Europe. The site also includes a bunch of new products as well as new payment options and shipping methods specific to Europe and European consumers. All orders ship directly from a facility in Spain that is primarily staffed with local, Spanish employees.

…we will continue to duplicate our operations, including manufacturing, to Europe in order to provide our European clients with the most convenient and inexpensive experience possible. For too long, our European clientele have dealt with inflated shipping fees, erratic currency fluctuations, heavy import taxes and of course VAT, all of which made purchasing directly from the source, a difficult, frustrating and, most importantly, expensive experience. Now, with the formation of Fleshlight International, everything has changed.

The same low prices you’ve come to expect; no import taxes; VAT included; low shipping fees from DHL. We’ve even added a number of new payment methods to provide you with even more convenient ways to purchase Fleshlight Girls products quickly and easily.