From The Mind Of Mighty Mo. Proud Papa Larry Birkhead.

I’m so happy for Larry Birkhead. I hope everything related to Dannielynn’s custody goes his way.


Mighty Mo has a few words on the subject too…

– We can only hope for the best. It is my hope that Larry and Virgie can come to a amiable agreement. It’s what’s best for DannieLynn. She needs her father and the mother of her mother, Anna Nicole, Virgie. I’m not sure I believe ALL of what I’ve seen Anna Nicole say about Virgie. Anna Nicole has been pretty drugged up for a long time. Didn’t know anything about her before Playboy. Being in that environment, I’m sure drugs were plentiful and easily accessible. With the surgeries Anna Nicole had, who knows what pills/drugs she ingested? For legitimate purposes, no less. It just became an addiction for her. Kinda like smoking a cigarette and getting hooked. When you smoke cigs, you spend money that can probably be better used, you smell bad and no one can see your innerds getting trashed. With Anna, well we could see (but not the abscess?) what the effects were; it was even entertaining to some until she died. I think Virgie loved and cared about Anna. I also know Virgie made has her shortcomings, just like the rest of us (but we’re not on public display.) Maybe Virgie got frustrated in reaching out to Anna and being denied so she quit trying. Who TRULY knows??? Other than the drugs, there was another party involved (Howard K. Stern.) So how can anyone say anything FOR SURE unless they were there? For the last 12 years, one person was there. Can you trust what he says?

– I just wish there were no more hidden agendas in the custody case. Life experience tells me I can keep wishing, but wishing it won’t necessary make it so. I know the wheels of justice often roll very slowly. Throw in there two countries and at least two U.S. states make it go that much slower. I think Larry’s had the “best interest” of the DannieLynn in mind even when he and Anna Nicole were still a “couple.” It was his insistence on her kicking the drugs and taking the baby to the doctor after it was born that made Anna leave. First to SC, to stay with the Shelley’s, who suggested the Bahamas as refuge. Perhaps Howard did a quick research and thought the Bahamas was the best place to be given the truth they were trying to hide. I don’t believe Howard made the trip to Bahamas until after Anna was there. (Shelley’s interview w/ Greta. I’m kind of suspicious of the Shelley’s too.)The custody of DannieLynn will all work out. My hope is that Larry allows Virgie in DannieLynn’s life. Even if it were supervised visits (which I think is the least Howard would accept, not that he has anything to say about it.) It’s time for the anger and hatred to end. That’s not to say I don’t have some reservations about Virgie. Not so much about the past, as in when Vickie Lynn was growing up. (There’s family dysfunction everywhere; theirs were no better and no worse than others. It just happen to be displayed in the public eye. (And sometimes for profit!) But her behavior in making financial profit off of the deaths of her grandson and daughter disturbs me a great deal. Until she can show she will not use DannieLynn for financial gain, my feelings of suspicion and distrust won’t go away. (I don’t think she, or any of you bloggers care.)Larry seems like a good guy. All I know is his story hasn’t changed since this whole ordeal began (even before his daughter was born.) And he’s refused money from a bogus “fund” and donations. He may be naive but he wants his daughter. I think he’s doing what he needs to and agreeing to things that will bring his daughter closer to him. Then he and DannieLynn are in the States, perhaps we’ll see his fury. He just seems like a simple, easy going and giving person. I think he knows how to forgive and he’ll be a good father to DannieLynn. Howard…words would not suffice. He needs to own his “deeds,” and accept the consequences and ask for forgiveness. But my feeling is he’ll commit suicide when the custody of DannieLynn is settled. I don’t think it matters anymore whether or not HE is in DannieLynn’s life.

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