Paris Hilton Should Go To Jail!

Los Angeles prosecutors want Paris Hilton to spend 45 days in jail for violating her probation.


They also want the “heiress” to wear an alcohol monitoring device (much like the one worn by Michelle Rodriguez) and stay away from booze for 90 days, while the ankle monitor will track her compliance. City prosecutors are also asking that Paris Hilton’s driver’s license be suspended for an another four months.

I wonder what she’ll look like in a prison jumpsuit. I’m not really sure orange is her color.

Watch out Paris! Lots of “ladies” are gonna want to be your friend.

PARIS HILTON SHOULD GO TO JAIL! Everyone I know who violated their probation had to go. It’s not like the world will miss any of the great work she does. Oh wait, she doesn’t do anything! Lock her up!

paris hilton mugshot

SCRAM(R), or the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor that is manufactured and marketed by Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. (AMS), has achieved exceptional market acceptance and adoption by judicial court systems and corrections agencies throughout the United States for its ability to continuously monitor alcohol offenders. The SCRAM system includes a high-tech alcohol detection bracelet — which offenders wear on their ankles 24 x7 during a court-specified time period — that samples the individual’s sweat every hour to check for alcohol consumption. Medical News Today

4 Responses to “Paris Hilton Should Go To Jail!”
  1. Mighty Mo Says:

    Yup, go to jail, Paris. You did the crime, you must do the crime. Buck up chickadee!!! Grow that backbone!!!

  2. Karen Peckham Says:

    Absolutely Paris should go to jail, even more so that she is a celebrity and in a position where young people are watching her behaviour! She is NOT exempt from the laws of the land that are put in place to protect herself and others! No amount of money or status should be justification or the means a person gets out of paying for a crime, if they don’t heed to laws, and if that’s what she thinks, the sentence should be stricter to teach her differently!

  3. Sue Says:

    She was on probation and she broke the law – it should be a no-brainer. Of course she should go to jail. She needs to learn that being rich and famous does not give you licence to break the law at will and putting on the dumb blonde act and saying she didn’t know her license was suspended is too ridiculous for words. Jail her.

  4. dallas Says:

    Is there even a question if she should go to jail or not……………….?
    Of course she should. If you or I did the same thing we would be in jail and no one would be debating at all about it. She broke the law and now it is time to pay. Money can’t buy you everything or give you a get out of jail card. She did not forget that she didn’t have a legal license. Who is she anyway, a kid that has a rich dad………………big deal. Go to jail and see how the other side that lives in the real world deals with life when you break the law. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT DEAR!