Ok Heather Mills, You Can Fade Into Oblivion Now.

Really, we won’t mind. Just take your money and go away.

Heather Mills has been awarded $48.6 million in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney. I’m using “awarded” loosely seeing how in my opinion it’s closer to extortion. Personally, I believe the stories about Heather Mills being a gold digger, and her questionable past. She seems like a very shifty character. Have you ever watched her eyes when she talks? Her mouth is weird too; it’s probably the nasty British teeth, but it could also be because nothing but crap comes out of it.

If you think that’s a lot of dough, you better sit down for these divorce numbers…

In 1994 Kevin Costner divorced Cindy Silva for $80 million.

In 2004 Harrison Ford and his wife of many years, Melissa Mathison settled for $85 million.

Not having a pre-nuptial agreement was Steven Spielberg’s downfall in his 1989 divorce from Amy Irving; it cost him $100 million.

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey divorced in 1994 for $150 million.

In a pending 2006 settlement, Juanita Jordon could possibly get $150 million from ex-husband Michael Jordon.

Divorce existed in antiquity, dating at least back to ancient Mesopotamia. The ancient Athenians liberally allowed divorce, but the person requesting divorce had to submit the request to a magistrate, and the magistrate could determine whether the reasons given were sufficient. Although liberally granted in ancient Athens, divorce was rare in early Roman culture. As the Roman Empire grew in power and authority, however, Roman civil law embraced the maxim, “matrimonia debent esse libera” (“marriages ought to be free”), and either husband or wife could renounce the marriage at will. Though civil authority rarely intervened in divorces, social and familial taboos guaranteed that divorce occurred only after serious circumspection. Wikipedia.org


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