Jessica Simpson Is A Drunk And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Finally Leaving.

Watch out everyone; it looks like Jessica Simpson is quickly turning into a lush. That girl is loud and annoying as it is, I can only imagine what she’s like drunk. I guess the decent started when she began dating Tony Romo, and she’s been going steadily downward since.

First it was her hospitalization for a kidney infection, which many people believe was a result of hardcore drinking. Now she’s been kicked out of a Marc Jacobs Fashion Show after party.

It’s just another red flag for her friends who think Jessica has a problem.

“Jessica was stumbling around the party slurring her words and barely able to stand,” says a Star Magazine insider, who claims Jessica was asked to leave the event just before dinner.

“It was embarrassing! In New York, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re acting like a fool, no one will stand for it.”

Drunk Jessica Simpson Kicked Out Of Marc Jacobs Party

Ouch; she was kicked out before dinner? That’s just sad.

jessica simpson drinks too much

In other obnoxious chick gossip, Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be leaving The View for Fox News. Why am I not at all surprised Fox News wants her?

Hasselb@@@h has been offered an anchor spot at the Republican-lovin’ news network and the feisty mother-of-two is seriously considering accepting the challenge.

“Elisabeth feels she can’t win at The View, but she’s been told by friends at FOX News that they’d find a spot for her without hesitation.”

“Elisabeth is just as tired of the ladies at The View as they are of her! She feels she constantly has to defend herself,” a show insider revealed to The National Enquirer this week.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving “The View” For FOX News Anchor Seat

I’m pretty sick of her too! Every time she opens her mouth I want to reach through the TV and strangle her.

is elisabeth hasselbeck leaving the view for fox news

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4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Is A Drunk And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Finally Leaving.”
  1. Judy Henderson Says:

    I truly have had ENOUGH of Elisebeth. I don’t feel that it makes for good TV because it makes me feel uncomfortable with all the yelling and whining she does.

    I don’t feel that she gives others the respect that they deserve.

    I like The View and I certainly would not miss her.
    Let her go to FOX…I just won’t watch when she’s on!!!

  2. audrey mcdonald Says:

    i agree it’s alright to be true to your party but it gets sickening to go extreme..she reminds me of a very spoiled child i was going to say ‘brat’but oh well did it anyway

  3. lucille torres Says:

    Elisabeth leaving? thank goodness whats taking her so long. i had to stop watching the view… cant stand someone who thinks they are always right. maybe she can get a job with the Bush family

  4. luvU Says:

    I love Elisabeth. It’s the only reason I’d ever watch the view.
    I think the other ladies on the View are jealous of her.