After These Messages…We’ll Be Right Back…..

Just a quick check in with why I haven’t posted in a few days.

One of my grandmothers died on Monday and I’ve had a fairly hard time since – losing someone I love very much, plus dealing with my father (her son) with whom I really don’t have a relationship, didn’t exactly mix together to make a happy cake.

My boyfriend and I went up to his mountain cabin when I got off work on Thursday and just now got back. There’s internet up there and I checked my email but I wasn’t really focused on any other online work.

Anywhoo, I’m leaving again in a little bit to spend the evening babysitting my nephew; I’ll be back later tonight and hopefully will do a little blogging.

Topics of interest thus far…..

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sherement have separated just days after Eddie Cibrian’s wife left him.

Octomom has signed a deal for a reality TV show, and her kids will make about $250 a day.

A secret stash of drugs was found in a closet in Michael Jackson’s house – the police were directed to look there by Dr. Conrad Murray.

Ok, into the shower and then off to my sister’s house.

Here’s a funny picture… friend’s car was hit the other day by this truck. The damage to the truck is on the far right of his fender…..

terminix truck hit hows my driving sticker