Grammys To Honor Michael Jackson With 3D Earth Song Tribute

As sad as it is that Michael Jackson is no longer with us, his passing means we get to wear 3D glasses during the Grammys this Sunday. Sweet! I love 3D. Captain EO was in 3D.

You can get your free 3D glasses for the Grammys at Target, by the way.

Back when Michael was planning out his tour, he met with producer Ken Ehrlich and showed him a sneak peek of his extra-dimensional plan for Earth Song. He wanted to highlight the song because of its message which speaks of preserving the earth. Michael, ever the philanthropist, wanted to send a message with his tour, and now the Grammy’s will honor his memory by sending that message.

Ehrlich interviewed with Entertainment Tonight and said that:

“When we knew that everybody was kind of looking to see what the Grammy’s were going to do about Michael Jackson…it really came down to what I felt and what we all felt Michael would have wanted. Michael would have wanted us to do ‘Earth Song’ and that’s what we’re doing in the show.”


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