Michael Jackson Wins 8 Grammys – Happened In The 80s – February 28th

On this day in 1984, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Michael Jackson, won a record 8 Grammy Awards.

Album of the Year — Thriller
Record of the Year — Beat It
Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male — Thriller
Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male — Billie Jean
Best R&B Song (awarded to songwriter) — Billie Jean
Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male — Beat It
Best Video Album — Thriller
Best Recording for Children — E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

The 26th Annual Grammy Awards was also the year that Michael Jackson wore his sparkly blue and gold military get-up and was accompanied to the ceremony by actress Brooke Shields and actor Emmanuel Lewis.

1984 Grammy Awards Highlights

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Fun Facts about the Grammy:

-The actual trophy is manufactured exclusively by Billings Artworks in Ridgway, Colorado.

-The trophies are all hand made and assembled.

-The Grammy is assembled in pieces and finally finished off in gold plating.

-The actual trophies, with the recipient’s name engraved, are not available until after the award announcements, so a series of “stunt” trophies are re-used each year for the broadcast

-7,578 Grammy trophies had been awarded as of 2007.