Lindsay Lohan Embarrassed On Camera, Falls Down. Again.

Lindsay Lohan is sad – pathetic and sad. It’s getting really scary and very Britney-meltdown-esque, actually; with the constant partying, obvious drug abuse, and being out at insane hours.

Why is it that no one seems to be making a concerted effort to help her? So many people around Lindsay say she’s in dire need of drastic immediate help, yet no one is actually doing anything. Lindsay’s father uses the media and Twitter to “communicate” with his daughter, and her mother is a possible enabler. Clearly their tactics are not helping the situation.

From X17 online:

Lindsay Lohan attended a video game release party at Les Deux, where she took another tumble around midnight as she left the club. Lindsay then headed to Voyeur where she was denied entry, and she then tweeted about the incident, hinting that it was all one big April Fools’ prank. Per her Twitter:

Just one thing-i came to PICK UP MY FRIEND @electraavellan from the back and NOT even go into the club! Yet- I get sold out by guys that Security @Voyeur nightclub in LA just set me up&paid off paparazzi to not let me in the back door and come to take photos of me in the back By guys that I treat with respect and kindness…… They got paid off to let paparazzi make me look like I was distraught and a mess, when I was just waiting for my friend at the back door…… Worse part is, my friends who run the club were a part of the set-up as well. Why?

A source inside the club tells X17online exclusively, “Lindsay rolled up to the back door and club personnel would not let her in. I was inside the entire time and they were not even close to capacity.” Hmm, seems like the joke’s on Lilo!

After that, Lindsay headed to Trousdale around 1am, where she stayed until about 3:45am, proving that she can’t seem to go a single night without stepping out to a club in Hollywood.