Victoria And David Beckham Humping Until Exhausted

Victoria Beckham is determined to give birth to another baby – preferably a girl – and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Including having sex with her husband about five times a day.

Yes folks, David and Victoria Beckham are having sex five times a day. And would you believe David – who Victoria once nicknamed Golden Balls – isn’t exactly enjoying every minute of it?

… Becks who is off the field due to an injury is definitely getting plenty of exercise and it is leaving him exhausted.

A friend told The Sun “He’s not complaining. But with all the strapping on his foot just getting about is hard enough, let alone bedroom gymnastics five times a day. Vic is desperate to get pregnant and has a timetable for sex. From what David’s said it basically means he must produce the goods whenever it’s possible and be on continuous standby.

He’s exhausted and is just trying to get his energy back for Victoria’s return.”


It’s very common when trying desperately to have a child, that men complain of feeling like a robot and that they’re only useful for the means of sperm production.

It’s also very common that when people are desperate to get pregnant, the stress of wanting it so bad prevents it from happening.

Maybe Victoria Beckham needs to lay off the Golden Balls for a bit and relax; have a glass of wine or something. Geez.

victoria david beckham trying for girl