Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010 Winner. [Photos]

There’s a new Miss USA this morning – and she’s like no other before her. Rima Fakih came into the pageant as Miss Michigan, and left as the first Arab-American Miss USA.

The 24-year-old Rima Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant, said she could tell by the way Donald Trump was looking at her that she was the Miss USA 2010 winner.

“That’s the same look that he gives them when he says, ‘You’re hired,’”

rima fakih miss usa 2010 winner
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Born into a powerful Shiite family in a southern Lebanon village, Rima Fakih came to the United States with her family as a baby and was raised in New York. After attending Catholic school, Rima moved to Michigan in 2003.

Of her win, Rima’s sister Rana Faqih says:

“We’re very proud as Lebanese Americans and as Lebanese that Rima reached this point despite all the pressures and stereotyping about Arabs and Lebanese. She made it. She fought and reached her goal.” [source]

rima fakih swimsuit
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I wonder how Rima Fakih’s family feels about her 2007 win of ‘Stripper 101,’ a pole dancing contest put on by Detroit radio morning show “Mojo in the Morning.”

The website for the Detroit radio station said:

“Congratulations to Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih who was crowned Miss USA on Sunday night! Rima is a Dearborn resident and the first Arab American to wear the crown,” the site states. “Rima is a Mojo In The Morning listener who has joined us in studio and at events. Check out Miss USA Rima Fakih when she won Mojo In The Morning’s ‘Stripper 101? contest in 2007.”


Rima must have been really good because she never removed her clothing and the panel of stripper judges still thought she was the best. She won adult toys, gift cards, jewelry, and even a stripper pole of her very own.

rima fakih pole dancing contest 2007

4 Responses to “Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010 Winner. [Photos]”
  1. T Friedman Says:

    what’s with Miss USA choosing all these skanks as winners? The one the other year was a coke whore, now we have one who’s a wannabe stripper. Grrreeaat, just the kind of role models little girls need these days. If this Rima Fakih behaved like this in her home country, she would probably be stoned to death

  2. Sabina R. Says:

    Oh please whats the big deal she was on a radio show doing some moves with her clothes on. big wooop. stipper pole classes are given at every gym these days and almost everyones got one in their home for fun. its not like she did porn or was on drugs. everyone always nit picks every little thing just to bash someone. pathetic. And as for the stoned to death comment by this idiot above me: shes not in her parents country shes in her country the u.s.a where its okay to have some fun and be sexy. Morons like you should be stoned to death for giving ignorant comments like that.

  3. rima Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice rima fakih

  4. sarah Says:

    ohh she is’nt beautiful at all