Watch Out!! Lindsay Lohan May Soon Be On The Loose Once Again!

Have you heard?

According to TMZ, sources tell them that doctors at UCLA are saying that Lindsay Lohan is not bipolar and she’s not an addict. Oh, and she doesn’t have ADHD.

We’re told Lindsay has been “weaned off” all of her meds — Dilaudid, Ambien, Adderall, Zoloft, Trazodone and Nexium — and has had no adverse reaction. Likewise, she has had no withdrawal issues in the alcohol department. Bottom line — the docs don’t think Lindsay is an addict.

And, we’re told Lindsay was misdiagnosed in the past with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) — which is why she started taking Adderall. The UCLA docs say LiLo does not have ADHD.

I admit that I’m a bit surprised by the not being an addict thing, but the not actually having ADHD thing was a no-brainer.

Sources also told TMZ that the UCLA doctors believe “Lindsay suffers from a personality disorder, which is all too common in society and sometimes partly the result of difficulties when growing up in Hollywood.”

“Whoopty doo. But what does it all mean Basil?”*

Basically it means that Lindsay Lohan will most likely be released from rehab early – not spending more than 30 days there. Upon release, however, Lindsay must receive outpatient care.

I give it six months. Mark my words, Lindsay Lohan will be back to her old taking-people-hostage-and-going-on-a-high-speed-chase ways.


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* See: “Austin Powers Shit Coffee”