Snooki And WWE Wrestling – A Perfect Mania Match [Video]

I think Snooki has found her true calling – WWE Wrestling.

Sure, she was booed at the WrestleMania press conference last week, but isn’t hating particular “characters” part of the fun? Especially when they’re loud antagonizing trolls, always looking for trouble, like our lovely Snooki.

And last night Snooki certainly showed what she’s got when she literally flipped to the other side of the ring and took her opponent down.

Part of the winning team in a six-person tag team match, Snooki battled alongside John Morrison and Trish Stratus, as they triumphed over Laya El, Dolph Ziggler, and Michelle McCool.

There were a reported 71, 617 people in attendance at the event, which was held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

snooki wwe wrestlemania 2011
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As Snooki ended the match with a handspring leading into a couple flips, followed by a cartwheel-butt-smash move that threw Michelle McCool to the ground, Wrestling commentator Jim Ross exclaimed, “A hook of the leg and Snooki has won the match! We might be on the verge of Snooki-mania!”

The 23-year-old reality star turned WWE wrestler (fingers crossed!), later Tweeted, “Brunette Mafia takes the Win!!! (love) (sic)”

This wrestling thing may just be a PR stunt, but you’ve got to give Snooki credit – whether this run in the ring is legit or just for show, the woman has figured out how to extend her 15 minutes with fresh antics.