Estella Warren Charged With Four Misdemeanors

When last we checked in with Estella Warren, it was revealed that she would not be facing felony escape charges due to a technicality. Apparently Warren had not technically been booked and entered into the Los Angeles Police Department’s system when she slipped her cuffs and attempted run out of the station.

That’s a pretty good break, but it doesn’t get the buxom beauty out of taking some sort of responsibility for her actions on the nigh of her alleged booze-fueled joyride last month.

The former Victoria’s Secret model will be charged with DUI, hit-and-run driving, battery on a cop and resisting arrest; all are misdemeanors. Estella Warren could face up to 2 ½ years in jail, if convicted on all charges.

She is due to appear in court for arraignment on June 17th.

City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan says Warren refused a breathalyzer test when she was arrested early May 24 after crashing into three parked cars and then tussling with police. [source]

This is not the first time Estella Warren’s drinking has gotten her into trouble; she was convicted of driving under the influence in 2007.

Fun facts about Estella Warren:

– Depending on what publication your read, Estella’s age is listed as either 32 or 40.
– Warren is a medal-winning synchronized swimmer.
– Named Maxim Magazine’s Hottest Woman in 2000
– In addition to movies and television, Estella Warren has appeared in several music videos including INXS’s “Afterglow” and “Beyond Time”, as well as Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor.”


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