Madonna Receives Hydrangeas As Gift. For Shame!

One would think that as with most people, Madonna would learn with age how to act appropriately in different settings; that the whole sharp-tongued wild-mouth thing would fade with the passing of the years. But alas, in her 53 years on this earth, the superstar has seemingly not acquired the talent of tact.

It’s either that, or she’s just a plain ol’ bitch.

This past weekend during a press junket at the Venice Film Festival, Madonna was presented with the gift of flowers from one of the journalists. But instead of graciously accepting the gesture, she felt the need to basically humiliate him.

With cameras rolling and microphones on, Madonna leaned over towards the person sitting next to her left, rolled her eyes, then leaned towards the person on her right, and in her best fake-accented diva voice, scoffed, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that.”

Yeah…she’s just a bitch.

Fun Facts about Hydrangeas:

-Are one of very few plants that accumulate aluminium; which is released from acidic soils, and forms complexes in the hydrangea flower giving them their blue color.

-The Japanese refer to these Hydrangea plants as Mountain Hydrangeas because they originate in the mountainous areas on the islands of Japan. These hydrangeas are smaller in stature and have smaller leaves and delicate lacecap flowers.

-Hydrangeas are also widely used as dried flowers, especially the blue Hydrangeas.


madonna hates hydrangeas
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