Kurt Cobain Biopic. Tribute Or Exploit?

Kurt Cobain must be spinning in his grave.

An artist who shunned celebrity, and was ultimately killed by the torment it caused, would never stand for the exploitation of his life.

Sure, it might be done in good taste, but it’s still exploitation.

Not to say that I won’t check it out. I’m just saying that I don’t think Kurt Cobain would approve.

But I didn’t know him personally, so I could be wrong. Then again, he killed himself in part due to his sudden massive fame, the antithesis of what he stood for, so my opinion could be very valid.

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kurt cobain biopic

Facts about Kurt Cobain you may not have known…

He had a half-brother named Chad Cobain and a half-sister named Brianne O’Conner.

The 1994 Song by R.E.M., Let Me In, is about Kurt Cobain.

His intense vocals, like in Where Did You Sleep Last Night? put a stop to many critics’ harsh labels of being a no talent no good.

The circumstances surrounding his suicide were featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

In an effort to memorialize Kurt Cobain in his hometown, Aberdeen, WA changed their welcome sign in 2005 to read Welcome to Aberdeen, Come as you are.

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5 Responses to “Kurt Cobain Biopic. Tribute Or Exploit?”
  1. Truth Says:

    That’s funny. Looks almost like you’re portraying a dead kurt as a saint hanging out on a cloud in heaven. You do know that the guy was a torchered heroin addict who rejected religion right? He’s rotting in hell for all eternity right now. Just a little truth for you to bring you back to reality. Good music, pity he couldn’t see the light. Oh well, we all have a choice to make each day. Will I live right and love God? Or reject it and do whatever I damn well please.

    Wish you were resting in peace Kurt.

  2. parker mckeon Says:

    “Oh well, we all have a choice to make each day. Will I live right and love God? Or reject it and do whatever I damn well please.”

    well its obvious you’ve made your choice,and that is to be a judgemental,close minded and weak individual who uses their time not to uplift but to condemn.you’re right,kurt did make good music,and was self destructive,which is very sad.he was a good person and had a huge heart,which is more than can be said for you and others of your ilk.
    speaking of choices,i’ve made one of my own,and that is not to respect a person such as you.but do not be disconcerted.just keep telling yourself you’re a good person. afterall, you go to church and pray and stuff right? plus you are acutely aware of the shortcomings of others.relish in the fact you could have a lucrative career creating catchy slogans for the westboro baptist church or the phineas priesthood.that is,if you ever tire of visiting blogs about dead celebrities to post anonymous, passive aggressive hate monger.
    parker mckeon

  3. brenden grimm Says:

    I still don’tbelieve that kurt went as far as killing himself but who really knows right because drugs can really @@@@ somebody up The only person that really knows is him and none of that isproven. So anyway kurt rest in peace because i do believe that he went to heaven and not hell because he was a good person inside.

    So anyway who thinks otherwise you can go @@@@ yourself.

    I’m just kidding but i do think he is an amazing musician

  4. james Says:

    god, gave the world kurt cobain. god took him back.

  5. me Says:

    oh comon about all of this going to heaven of hll thing
    i mean, y is doing drugs bad anyway: because the cops have told u not to
    so the cops and the church r 1… hmmmmmmmmm…
    and also, there is no proof that this heaven and hell place exists anyway
    there might be 1 place, there might be aenther life, there might not be ntn, u never know, so y go aroud judging ppl and telling them that they will go smwhere (whose existence is not proven) just to scare thm @@@@less
    its just weird…
    maybe ppl sould just beleive on things like peace and love (and ice-caps), i mean its all we need, and we can actually fight for it..
    anyway: Kurt rocks, but really does! And his image shouldnt be used without his permission (which well never get) coz it might be insulting him. Maybe we should just stick to beleiving in him, and not doing things which (wiht a high possibility) he wouldnt like with him. bcoz he is a ledgend