Carrie Prejean Admits She’s Stupid. Sort of.

I don’t want to insult your intelligence, so I’m just going to assume you already know about the Carrie Prejean sextape of self-love, and that it’s the real reason good Christian Prejean withdrew her lawsuit against the Miss California USA Organization.

Continuing her “I’m A Victim Tour,” Carrie Prejean admitted to MSNBC’s Sean Hannity that the one-person sex tape does in fact exist; but that she was young and dumb (was??), and that the little video she made for her then boyfriend was “the worst mistake of [her] life.”

Then the disgraced beauty queen sauntered over to Today and basically claimed everyone is out to get her, and they have been ever since her same-sex marriage answer at the Miss USA Pageant seven months ago.

When Meredith Viera asked Carrie Prejean why she withdrew her million dollar lawsuit, Prejean gave the age-old response that she wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

Oh, but Carrie Prejean didn’t end her tour there – her next stop was The View where she had a nice little chat with the ladies. And by “nice little chat” I mean Carrie was horrible and annoying.

…Prejean did not really want to discuss the tape. She made a couple of comments about it, but she really wanted to stick to how she lost the crown at the Miss USA 2009 pageant because of her anti-gay marriage comment. She also blames her Miss California title loss to strictly her answer during the pageant and her beliefs about gay marriage.

Prejean was not going to be attacked by anyone on The View. Joy Behar asked Prejean a question, and Prejean snapped right back at her. The women on the show were clearly trying to ask her serious questions, and Prejean didn’t want to stick to their questions. She wanted the topic to remain on her anti-gay beliefs and how she was the victim who got slammed by the media. Prejean was also there to promote her book called Still Standing. Barbara Walters had the book and placed it beside her. At one point, Prejean grabbed the book and took it from Walters. At the very end, Walters took the book back to shake Prejean’s hand but pretty much had to pry it from her…

Nice job Carrie – way to pick up those sympathy votes. Geesh! Take a chill pill Miss Opposite Marriage; go make another video or something.

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